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Land Politics

19th-23rd March 2019 at Valletta Contemporary.

Opening Night:19th March,19:00-22:00

IAM: Institute of Art Malta Language Program is proud to present the final show from its residency programme Land Politics; a collective exhibition of international and local artists curated by Chiara Cassar.

Exhibiting artists are:

Takatoku Nishi, Akira Taniguchi, Takahiro Ueda, JP Migneco, Aidan Celeste, Margerita Pulé.

Land Politics looks into the exploration, development and structure of what makes up our surroundings which are highly influential in art and life.

from the traditional understanding of Landscape that stereotypically evokes feelings of time, the sublime, beauty and historical references; but rather to view all topics that influence art from our environment that are geographical, psychological, architectural, political, digital and aesthetic discourses.

The collective presents a diversity of concepts and new medium from paintings to light installation, showcasing a wide variety of artistic contemporary practices.

Land Politics is proudly sponsored by Madoka Japanese Restaurant, Wembley Store, Club Malta Associazione Italiana Sommelier, Bonju, Sullivan Travel Insurance and Malta University Language school.

Land Politics runs from 19th-23rd March 2019 at Valletta Contemporary.



Land Politics Roll Up 850x2000mm 15mm bl

Akira Taniguchi will be having an open artist studio with ALLURA .

Sat.3rd -Web.4th Oct.


Dtail is bellow



IAM will be having an Exhibition Transnational Tokyo in Valleta  Fri.12th -Sun.14 Oct only 3days pop up special exhibition.

The interrelationship between the West and the East in terms of contemporary art has rapidly changed and become more complicated in recent decades. The continued significance of the Euro-American art as an absolute center has been challenged. Thus, while being substantially impacted by European and American counterparts, contemporary Japanese artists have constructed their own artistic practices inseparable from the nation’s specific geo-historical contexts.

This exhibition aims to illuminate the interconnectivity in contemporary art between Japan and the West.



Takahiro Ueda

Toru Ishi

Julien Vinet 

Hiroki Yamamoto

Naoya Inose

Akira Taniguchi

Takatoku Nishi 



Fri.12th -Sun.14 Oct 13:00-17:00

Opening party

Fri.12th 18:00-21:00 


138 STChristopher street, Valletta

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