Akira Taniguchi

Akira Taniguchi is currently a master student of Tokyo University of the Arts.  He mainly creates his work in the fields of painting and installation.  His artistic creations are based on a Japanese original thought called もののあはれ “Mono-no-aware” (an empathy toward things) – the sadness which comes from the reality of life and death.  This concept can be compared with and is closest to the theory of “Memento Mori” in the Western culture.  Under this idea, he regards continuity as inspiration for his art.  We, humans, continue to live and cease to live one day.  This simple motto shows that existence and death are two sides of the same coin.  Therefore, he creates art work which repeats itself and makes viewers reflect on the idea of “Mono-no-aware”. The materials he uses are varied, from oil and acrylic paints, ceramics to plywood and other. He got Dean’s Award at Degree Show in Sydney College of the Arts, Australia when he was an exchange student.

Takatoku Nishi

Takatoku Nishi is currently doing the Doctor Degree at Tokyo University of the Arts. He is a freelance artist; and at the same time, he is a representative of “Space Production Lab.”. He reconstructs daily phenomenon and impressive scenes of nature such as reflection of light, Jacob’s ladder, and being in shadow. By doing so, he indicates viewers the new outlook on a certain space. Among them, he mostly organizes a phenomena caused by light, and creates installations and products. His company recently exhibited their collaborative work at “European Capital of Culture Valletta 2018” in Malta.

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